• 7 different standard types
  • 13 standard impeller sizes from Ф250 mm to Ф1250 mm


  • Maximum airflow 80.000 m3/h
  • Maximum static pressure 1.200 Pa


  • Ventilation, cooling (standard -20°C / +60°C)
  • Smoke exhaust
  • Where large air capacities are required
  • High temperature air transport


  • Extreme sturdiness due to the strenghtened construction of the casing manufactured with thickness higher then standard plate fans
  • Wide round shaped cones directly drawn on the casing guarantee maximum silence and efficiency normally obtained only in axial fan with bell mouth
  • 100% reversibility of airflow (switch 2 lines of phase, assembling 50% of blades for intake and 50% for exhaust)


  • Wall, panel or duct fixing
  • Impeller in plastic or aluminium, variable pitch angle
  • Air flow: motor-impeller or impeller-motor
  • With inlet cone
  • B5 motor execution mounted on the grid
  • Execution 4 – impeller directly on the motor
  • Single- or three-phase
  • Casing with two round shaped nozzles or round shaped nozzle only on inlet
  • Motor side protection grid acc to UNI EN 294
  • Standard IP55, ISO F, S1 motor
  • Galvanised or RAL coated
  • High temperature resistant: smoke exhaust or continuous operation
  • ATEX – Spark proof, explosion proof
  • Corrosion proof


  • Protection grid – impeller side
  • Gravity shutter
  • Outer terminal box
  • Service switch
  • With inlet and outlet cone
  • ATEX execution



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