• 15 different types
  • 24 standard impeller sizes from Ф50 mm to Ф1000 mm


  • Maximum airflow 100.000 m3/h
  • Maximum static pressure 2.500 Pa


  • Transport of clean air (-20°C – +80°C)
  • Smoke exhaustcentrifugalni-ventilator-naprej_1
  • High temperature air transport (+150°C / +300°C)


  • Extreme sturdiness due to the rigid construction in enamelled sheet metal and the thickness of the materials
  • Large variety of models and versions composing the series, consenting to find the suitable solution for many ventilation problems


  • Execution 4: impeller directly coupled to motor shaft, motor placed on the motor support
  • Execution 5: impeller directly coupled to motor shaft, motor flanged on the fan volute
  • Execution 1: bare shaft version, basic arrangement for belt coupling (without any coupling component)
  • Left- or right-sided
  • Discharge angle in 16 different ways
  • Galvanised or RAL coated
  • High temperature resistant: smoke exhaust or continuous operation
  • ATEX – Spark proof, explosion proof
  • Corrosion proof, stainless steel
  • Offshore motor
  • Still stand motor heating


  • Inlet/Outlet protection grid
  • Inlet/Outlet flexible joint
  • Inlet/Outlet counter flange
  • Inspection door
  • Condensation drain
  • Anti-vibration mounts



Files for download

Centrifugal fans with forward curved blades